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“Today, if you want to build something, the barriers to try are very low. Anything you want to learn is a Google search away, or a YouTube search away. You can do anything you want. You just have to go do it.”


Engineering Entrepreneurship


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Building Things


  • When he was a kid, he always loved building things; his favorite toys were Legos and Tinker Toys.
  • Inspired by amusement parks, he built a model roller coaster out of steel.
  • He always wanted to go into mechanical engineering, but when he applied to college, he got into the school but not the program.
  • He found a way around that: he just started taking every class that the freshman engineering students were taking.
  • In one of the classes, his final project outperformed the other students' to an almost ludicrous extent.
  • Finally, the engineering department gave in and let him into the mechanical engineering major.
  • After school, he opened up the engineering directory and just started cold calling people; they'd give him interviews and show him what they were working on.
  • He realized most engineers had trouble finding affordable materials and he saw an opportunity; started Inventables, "the hardware store for designers."

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