Yesenia Ramirez

Yesenia Ramirez

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

Parent Teacher Home Visits

Sacramento, CA USA

When you have the opportunity to have a conversation together and really explain to each other what you have to offer, once you understand that, we become a family.


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Yesenia Ramirez


My road in life took a while to figure out.
I was born in Mexico but was raised in San Jose, California.
Growing up, I faced abuse in my own household—I would try my hardest to avoid going home after school.
I was inspired by my really great first-grade teacher, who encouraged me to dream of a better life—I’d later channel her nurturing influence into my own work.
I married young, leaving school at age 17 when I became pregnant—I hoped marrying would allow an escape from the abuse in my house, but that cycle of abuse continued into my marriage.
I moved to Sacramento as a survivor, seeking a better life for my six daughters.
Facing barriers in schools sparked my commitment to parent-teacher collaboration.
I co-founded Parent Teacher Home Visits, driven by personal experiences and community needs.
Transforming my trauma into advocacy, I now work to empower parents and teachers to connect.


Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

I guide our home visit program's growth, ensuring our model's integrity in expanding educational communities.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

Day to Day

I lead the strategic direction and expansion for a home visit program. My days are dynamic, filled with training sessions that invigorate me, and ensuring our model's fidelity across schools and states. I thrive on guiding our team, answering intricate questions, and sharing the rich history and knowledge of our organization to nurture growth and make a lasting impact.


Challenges I Overcame

Gangs / Violence