Willie's Open Road


Professional Snowboarder/CEO
Bluebird Wax

“You just have to believe in what you're doing and you just have to love it so much that it doesn't matter if you're making money at it.”


Action Sports Entrepreneurship


Beliefs & Faith Passion Determination


Being Physically Active


  • He's worked odd jobs at Domino's Pizza, mowed lawns, and done construction and landscaping.
  • Looking back, he realizes that he folded all of that experience into his current business.
  • One day, while he was on his way to go snowboarding, he told one of his friends he was going to start a business.
  • They spent the day discussing what their future business should make or sell; the original idea was stickers and t-shirts.
  • While they were in a snowboard store, one of the workers gave them his simple recipe for snowboard wax.
  • That same day, they went and got all of the ingredients and made their first batch in muffin tins.
  • On their next trip up to Mt. Hood, they handed them out to snowboarders under the name "Bluebird Wax."
  • Says you have to find something that you love so much, the amount of money you make is irrelevant.

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