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William Morris Glass

“Would you rather have one year of utter vitality, or would you have 10 years of just sort of ho-hum mediocrity? Either choice is fine, but live the choice that you make.”


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Being Creative


  • He says that the only time he felt secure when he was making art.
  • Sure, he had questions about whether he was making the right choices, and he had financial ups and downs, but art made all doubts disappear.
  • He started doing ceramics when he was in high school, and he slowly surrounded himself with artistic mentors.
  • He couldn't afford to go to art school, so he took a job driving a truck at an art school and lived nearby.
  • While there, he met famous glass artist Dale Chihuly and he offered to help him out with his work.
  • Ended up working with Chihuly for ten years without ever taking a cent of pay, but that apprenticeship shaped his career.
  • He's now one of the most famous glass artists in the world, with works featured in the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Says you'll never be sure that you chose the right path, but that's unimportant; all that matters is that you have faith in your decision.

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