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Television/Radio Personality

“Don't let people get in your head. Not your parents, your sisters and brothers, not even your best friends. Be fearless.”


Radio Television


Self-Reflection Transitions Dedication Family Fear Hard Work Support & Encouragement Pressure Determination Confidence Individualism Success Values Risk


Accomplishing Goals


  • She worked at the local radio station when she was in college; loved that the disc jockeys were all grown-up, but had a job that felt playful.
  • By the time she graduated, she'd secured her first job, which she'd found in a listing in the back of a magazine.
  • She spent a few years in the U.S. Virgin Islands working a minimum-wage radio job.
  • Her next job was in Washington D.C. working at an oldies radio station, and she simultaneously secured a weekend job in New York.
  • She'd drive between the two cities every weekend, passing exits for her parents' house and her best friend's house.
  • Because she felt she had to prove herself, she refused to spend those weekends at home; instead she slept in her car.
  • Today, she keeps a photo of her working at that college radio station next to a photo of her with Howard Stern, to remind herself of how far she's come.
  • Says you can't let anyone get into your head, or tell you that you'll fail, because everyone has the power to succeed.

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