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“Try different things and learn.”


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Being Creative


  • Says that the years spent in school, and the years afterwards, you focus should just be on trying different things and learning.
  • He went to law school and got his law degree, but he wasn't really sure what being a lawyer would be like.
  • When he joined a law firm after school, he realized that he'd made a mistake; he hated his work.
  • Around that time, he started baking on the side as a hobby.
  • Took a trip in 1999 and brought a cake with him; he didn't have a case for it, so he took it through the airport on a plate covered in plastic wrap.
  • At each stage of his trip, people around him would react to the cake; he realized there was something special about baking, something he needed to explore.
  • This time, he did his research; he made absolutely sure that he wanted to open a bakery before he took that step.
  • In 2000, he officially left the law practice to open his bakery, CakeLove; today, he's written three cookbooks and hosts a show on Food Network.

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