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Yoga Instructor

“Don't limit yourself. Don't allow anybody, and don't allow your mind, to limit you.”


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  • He was in the British Army from ages 18-21; after his service, all he knew was that he wanted to move back to London.
  • After moving back to the city, he started doing tailoring work-it was something he just "fell into."
  • He started doing sketches for his friends, one of whom became a very successful actress.
  • All of a sudden, he was doing sketches for her friends, Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn, and people were calling him a "designer."
  • At the height of his popularity, his yoga teacher asked him if he'd like to accompany her on a trip to India.
  • He went from living in a mansion and sleeping on furs, to sleeping on a concrete floor in an ashram in Bangalore.
  • The strangest thing, for him, was that this simple lifestyle didn't bother him as much as he'd thought it would.
  • From there, he went on a mission of self-enlightenment; gave up designing clothes to "design souls," by studying religion and teaching yoga.

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