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The Potter's House North Dallas

“No matter how hard it gets, no matter what setbacks stand in your way, don't you ever give up, because there's somebody in your life--a little cousin, a kid in your neighborhood--that's looking at you and looking at the things that you're doing. They're watching you--that'll keep you moving.”


Non-Profit Organizations Philosophy & Religion


Beliefs & Faith Choices Negativity Self-Reflection Perseverance Struggle Character Values Confidence Failure Success Fear Hard Work Passion Education Desire Doubt Hobbies & Pastimes Experience Opportunity Determination Focus Societal Pressures Support & Encouragement Transitions


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, where his father was the pastor of their rural church.
  • At 17, a car accident ended his football career and left him feeling like his world was collapsing.
  • Says that everything in your life will teach you one of two things: What to do, or what not to do.
  • That time of introspection gave him the drive to find his calling: helping and teaching people.
  • First in his family to go to college; studied religion and philosophy and got a master's in divinity.
  • In college, found that people constantly sought him out for help and advice, and he was good at it.
  • Says failure is inevitable and part of the journey; it's a stepping stone to bravery and courage.

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