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Esports Journalist
Yahoo! Sports

“When I was in college, this job didn’t even exist; I had to create it. So know that your dream job isn’t always what you think it is.”


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  • He was always interested in PC gaming; during college, Starcraft 2 was released and became an esport.
  • He would stay up late into the night to watch competitions broadcast from Korea, but he never dreamed he could be a part of that scene.
  • After he graduated, he wanted to work for a gaming company in Los Angeles, but at the end of the interview process, he was denied the job.
  • While he was still in a slump after losing out on that job, he mentioned to a peer that he was jealous of his job playing competitive esports.
  • The peer suggested that even if he couldn’t become a professional player, he should use his communications degree to interview esports players.
  • He started his own amateur podcast and YouTube channel focused on esports, and League of Legends, specifically.
  • At the time, he was one of the only people producing League of Legends content, so when CBS decided they wanted to cover the sport, he was the go-to guy.
  • Says that in retrospect, losing out on that first job was actually one of the best things that could’ve ever happened to him.

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