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    Team Crazy Babbling Sunshine


Comic Book Artist/Entrepreneur

“All the ideas you have when you are younger, who knows, maybe in 10 years, you'll be in another spot and that idea might work.”


Art Writing


Fulfillment Money & Financial Security Desire Determination Education Hard Work Goals Success Values Failure Honesty Perseverance


Being Creative


  • When he was growing up, he had two passions: baseball and comic books.
  • He'd never planned on going to college, but then he was offered a baseball scholarship to the Eastern Washington University.
  • Took the opportunity to study graphic arts while playing baseball and working part-time at a local comic book shop.
  • When he finished college, no professional baseball teams wanted to recruit him, so he turned all of his focus towards comic books.
  • He sent his comics to stores and companies all over the U.S. and received over 700 rejection letters in return.
  • But when he finally got his first letter of interest, it was from none other than Marvel/Epic Comics.
  • After several years with the company, he and a few other artists started their own platform, on which he published the now-infamous Spawn.
  • Since then, he's pursued just about anything that interested him: he's started a toy company, owned an NHL team, and produced music videos.

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