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Todd McFarlane



My road in life has been direct.
When he was growing up, he had two passions: baseball and comic books.
He'd never planned on going to college, but then he was offered a baseball scholarship to the Eastern Washington University.
Took the opportunity to study graphic arts while playing baseball and working part-time at a local comic book shop.
When he finished college, no professional baseball teams wanted to recruit him, so he turned all of his focus towards comic books.
He sent his comics to stores and companies all over the U.S. and received over 700 rejection letters in return.
But when he finally got his first letter of interest, it was from none other than Marvel/Epic Comics.
After several years with the company, he and a few other artists started their own platform, on which he published the now-infamous Spawn.
Since then, he's pursued just about anything that interested him: he's started a toy company, owned an NHL team, and produced music videos.


High School
Graphic Design
Eastern Washington University


Comic Book Artist/Entrepreneur

I created "Spawn" and also design and make action figures for the best comic book, movie, and TV characters.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Being Creative