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Security Consultant
Solutionary, Inc.

“We’re still doing the things we were doing when we were 13 years old...but now we’re doing them without the risk of being arrested.”


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  • Works as a security consultant and blogger at Solutionary, an information security company.
  • Grew up with his Solutionary co-worker Brent White; the two loved to break things and then try to re-engineer them.
  • Says there are several motivations behind hacker culture, whether it be approaching security from a malicious place, wanting to learn how things work, or wanting to help people.
  • For him, hacking holds his interest because he’s constantly trying to learn more about how things work and to educate others on the same.
  • Says that if you approach security research as just another job, and you don’t have a passion for it, you’re not going to be invested enough to be good at it.
  • Because his job is also his hobby and his passion, he makes sure to set aside time to decompress so that he doesn’t face burnout.
  • Advises students to question the curriculum when they’re in college; he looked at the classes that were out there and built himself a unique schedule based on his interests.
  • Says that everyone experiences self-doubt when they’re figuring out what they want to do, but once you find your niche, you find your confidence.

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