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“What can I do that's different?”


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Being Creative


  • Growing up, he knew he wanted to make art, and he knew he wanted it to be much more than a hobby.
  • After graduating from art school, a year went by where he wasn't creating art and became deeply unhappy.
  • His parents pressured him to find a suit-and-tie job that could pay off his debts from getting his art degree.
  • He'd grown tired of going to the same old art fairs and galleries, so he decided he should develop his own space.
  • Says that while starting his own gallery sounds like it was a huge leap, "as far as the risk, it was only money."
  • When his gallery was starting up, he faced a lot of judgment from his friends; didn't understand how they could criticize him from their boring desk jobs.
  • Realized that everyone just places value on different things, and for him, he places value in taking risks and doing what interests him.
  • Says artists shouldn't be so extreme about whether they "make it" or "don't make it"; there's plenty of great in-between space.

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