Tatyana's Open Road


    First Gen Roadtrip



“It's art - it doesn't have to be perfect. It's supposed to change, it's supposed to evolve.”


Art Entrepreneurship


Determination Negativity Passion Self-Reflection Acceptance Doubt Planning Desire Goals Inspiration Character Hard Work Talent Fulfillment Success Values Family Support & Encouragement Confidence Education Fear


Being Creative


  • Says most of her personality comes from her mom, a radical artist and the "black sheep" of the family.
  • Other than her mother, no one supported her decision to go to college to study art.
  • Peers thought she had talent, but said she'd never make any money, wouldn't be able to pay back student loans.
  • Was mentored by her high school art teacher, who provided her with supplies, helped her apply to art schools.
  • For years, she had to take waitressing jobs on the side to support her art.
  • Says the evolving nature of street art helped her understand it's cool to be "a work in progress."
  • Realized you can't wake up one day and change the world; you change yourself first, then the people around you, etc.
  • Her goal as an artist is to make her audience more tolerant of others' experiences.

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