Tamara S.'s Open Road


Director of Health Informatics
Morrison Healthcare

“Give yourself credit for what you already know...you have value.”


Medicine Food


Passion Transitions Dedication Self-Reflection Acceptance Confidence Support & Encouragement Doubt Experience Perseverance


Helping People


  • Growing up, she loved to cook and always thought she would be a chef—she applied and was accepted to culinary school, but she had an epiphany that it wasn’t really what she wanted.
  • Inspired by her family members’ struggles with diabetes, she switched her major to nutrition and dietetics.
  • Ended up passing out at the sight of blood during her nutrition support rotation, which made her realize that working in the hospital scene was not for her.
  • After getting her graduate degree in nutrition, she taught part time at Georgia State University and worked in weight management for nonprofits.
  • At age 28, she got an opportunity to play a critical role in developing the new health informatics program at Georgia State University, where she served as program director for four years.
  • In order to broaden her knowledge of the field of health informatics, she did a certificate program at Duke University where she was the only non-nurse in the program.
  • She ran into an old college friend at a conference who helped her get her current position at Morrison Healthcare—says, ”They were looking for a dietician who knew about data. That’s me!”
  • Says she has always had an entrepreneurial heart—she consults and educates about nutrition, develops wellness programs, and hosts workshops.

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