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Mychal Castro

Mychal Castro

Peace Corps

"Whatever you do, be intentional about it. Be very intentional about it."

Career Roadmap

Mychal's work combines: Government, Non-Profit Organizations, and Helping People

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Day In The Life

Regional Recruiter

As a recruiter, I do a lot of outreach and communication, as well as my own marketing.

Skills & Education

Here's the path I took:

  • High School

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Radio-TV-Film and Communications, Entertainment and Tourism

    California State University, Fullerton

Here's the path I recommend for someone who wants to be a Regional Recruiter :

Bachelor's Degree: Marketing/Marketing Management, General

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Life & Career Milestones

I've taken a lot of twists and turns

  • 1.

    Graduating Cal State Fullerton with a degree

  • 2.

    Traveling on my own

  • 3.

    Switching careers

Defining Moments

How I responded to discouragement


    Messages from Peers:

    Not everyone understands why you would want to leave the comforts of spend a lot of time advocating for yourself on why you should do this, how it will make you a better person, and the world a better place essentially.

  • How I responded:

    You have a lot of these conversations and it's important to acknowledge that your experience is your experience, but others don't get to have that. I dealt with this discouragement by sticking to my passion for service and ideals, as well as learning about other communities and their interest.

Experiences and challenges that shaped me

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  • Everyone in my family has yet to graduate, and so I overcame this challenge by staying driven towards my goals and balancing between being a student and working.