My road in life has been direct.
Worked to put myself through CSUF and USC Law school as an auto mechanic. I still have my Constitutional Law book with greasy fingerprints on the pages. Don't worry about the theory / practice gap.
My first job in a personal injury firm on the 22nd floor of the Broadway Plaza was disappointing. I had to walk around the homeless crashed in the entrance alcoves trying not to step on their fingers.
Finally got to use my Spanish skills at legal aid jobs but they didn't litigate enough for me and I moved on to my private practice.
My private practice has involved about 6000 units of tenant defense and 400 jury trials. Later in life the opposing attorneys don't want to go to trial with me and we settle for repairs and low rents.
Along the road, I have been honored to have several important cases published by Cal courts that further tenant and homeowner rights. Just keep swinging at injustice.


High School
Latin American Studies
California State University, Fullerton
University of Southern California



I am a litigator who has helped hundreds of tenants in Southern California.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

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Student loans can be forgiven at 10% per year working for a qualified non-profit that serves the low income community.

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"You should get a "real job" at a big law firm that pays more."

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