Thalya Enfield

Thalya Enfield



Anaheim, CA USA

Listen to your gut and stop asking others what you should do…shape the life you’re going to live out.


My road in life has been direct.
At a very young age, I knew I wanted to be within the medical field. I never thought I was smart enough or good enough but I was infatuated with all things health.
I studied communications with an emphasis in public relations and American studies at CSUF. I took two years off and went back to study and receive my certification as an integrative nutritionist.
It wasn’t until after college that I decided to pursue my passion. When the state of my health declined to a troubling degree, I sought out an integrative practitioner who treated me.
I had to listen to my body and nurture it. Making these important lifestyle changes to improve my health and seeing my dedication to it inspired me to help others to do the same.
I had two options: work for someone else or start my own company. I took the leap, listened to my gut that was saying, “Be your own boss”, and created nurture.
With everything I’ve been able to complete in just a year, I’m hungry for more. In January 2020, I will be starting medical school. I want to become a naturopathic doctor.
I’m going to medical school because I want to have my own clinic where patients can come and talk to doctors for as long as they want and actually figure out the root cause of their issues.


High School
California State University, Fullerton
American Studies
California State University, Fullerton
Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist



I help transform a person’s eating habits into ones specifically catered to their body’s needs.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

Day to Day

I try to do what I tell my clients to do because I am the representation of the kind of lifestyle they seek to adopt. Each day starts with helping the mind and body: I will read or meditate, exercise, and then prepare a nutritious meal. Now, I’m ready to get to work. I’m usually talking on the phone with clients throughout the day, offering guidance, advice, and curating nutrition plans for them. I also do meal preparation for clients, which means I could be spending a lot of time in my kitchen.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for everyone

Being in a good mental state is above all else. Don’t doubt yourself. I didn’t think I was smart enough or good enough, but I was just really insecure. It wasn’t until later that I understood I had a calling and I was passionate about something. I became my own support system. I became my biggest advocate.


The Noise I Shed

From Peers:

"You have no clue what you're doing. What you're doing isn't medicine."

Challenges I Overcame

Physical Issues