Anne Poynter

Anne Poynter

Senior Director, Philanthropic Partnerships

Strada Education Network

Indianapolis, IN USA

Learning continues over a lifetime if you stay dedicated to seeking answers to things that challenge your thoughts.


My road in life has been direct.
Out of college, I was thrown into a political campaign to make money. It taught me so many facets of business.
Being in politics exposed me to opportunities in Washington to be around influencers. I learned a lot on what to be and not be in business.
Creativity from college and negotiations from politics led me into sales as an advertising executive. I knew how to read people.
Becoming a mother taught me time management and multi-tasking. I stared my own PR consulting business to make ends meet.
My English lit passion and political experience allowed me to work with a public-private partnership translating Shakespeare's plays into scripts for children.
From the PPP, I built a relationship with the Mayor of a town building a world-class concert hall and was able to help build a performing arts foundation and Hall!
Working on public-private partnerships caught the attention of a consulting firm looking to work with municipal governments and hired me to lead.
Working in consulting, I was hired by USA Funds (now Strada Ed Network), to help with process improvement and data maximization utilizing existing business systems.
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Senior Director, Philanthropic Partnerships

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My work combines:
My work combines:
Non-Profit Organizations
Problem Solving

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Take whatever you can to get in the door. All you need is a crack in the window and any opportunity will do. Never settle on the idea that something is beneath you. If you believe in your abilities, you will prove your worth and move up quickly.

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"Studying English Literature will not help you succeed in a business career."