Stephanie's Open Road


Kiker Elementary School

“Allow yourself to make mistakes, but learn how to fix them.”


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Values Hard Work Passion Individualism Support & Encouragement


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Born and raised in Austin, Texas.
  • Had a few influential teachers growing up that inspired her; admits that she has always known that she was going to become a teacher.
  • In high school, she befriended a classmate with special needs and played a pivotal role in helping her navigate through school—says this solidified her interest in teaching.
  • Attended Texas State University where she received her degree in education.
  • Is dyslexic, but didn’t realize it until she interned in an elementary classroom and noticed that the dyslexic students she was teaching had the same difficulties she had growing up.
  • Works for Austin Independent School District, teaching elementary grade level students at Kiker Elementary School.
  • Spent two years training to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) so that she could teach Take Flight, an intervention therapy program for students with dyslexia.
  • She now uses multisensory and strengths-based learning to help dyslexic students succeed—says people with dyslexia aren’t incapable of learning, they just need a different set of tools.

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