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“Don’t get me wrong—failing sucks. But a big part of doing creative work is knowing that there’s going to be failure involved, and that there’s always something to be learned from it.”


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Being Creative


  • Was always a good student whose parents pushed him to get straight A’s; went to UC Berkeley as an undergraduate.
  • Looking back, he says he spent his collegiate years doing the things would make him look impressive, rather than doing the things that he loved.
  • In addition, the relaxed structure of college amplified his attention deficit disorder and made it difficult for him to focus; he started getting terrible grades.
  • After he finished his first internship in social media, he wasn’t extended a job offer—he was devastated.
  • By the time he was 30, he’d been fired from every job he’d worked, and he realized what he thought would be his career path was actually a dead end.
  • In between jobs, he started a blog called “The School of Life,” where he’d interview up-and-coming and successful bloggers.
  • After running the blog for several years and gathering advice from other bloggers, he self-published a book.
  • That book (The Art of Being Unmistakable) became a bestseller, so he started a media company called Unmistakable Media.

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