Soledad's Open Road


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CNN Anchor/Special Correspondent

“Just because somebody says you can't, doesn't necessarily mean you can't. So how bad do you want it?”


Journalism Television


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Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • A defining moment for her was seeing her mom stop and watch as the principal disciplined one of the only black kids at her school.
  • Because her mom watching, the principal was pressured to speak to the child with the respect he deserved (which might not have happened otherwise).
  • She says that seeing the power of acting as a faithful witness was one of the first experiences that made her want to become a journalist.
  • Left Harvard to start working in TV news and she fell in love with the job on the very first day.
  • She worked her way up from production assistant, to writer trainee, to her first reporting job at an NBC affiliate in San Francisco.
  • Always set three goals for herself before every broadcast; it'd be things as small as, "stop nodding your head so much."
  • She encourages road-trippers to be really good in the moment, no matter what they're doing, because it will pay off down the line.
  • Says she got to where she is by always taking jobs that stretched her and scared her, and by refusing to take "no" for an answer.

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