Shiny Toy's Open Road

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Shiny Toy Guns

“I had moments where I wasn't sure this was going to work. But even feeling like that is another feeling to write a song about.”


Art Music


Dedication Doubt Education Failure Fear Passion Perseverance Struggle


Being Creative


  • Lead vocalist Chad Petree had been "obsessively" into music for his whole life.
  • Bassist Jeremy Dawson was forced into learning piano at the age of four; he always wanted to play baseball instead.
  • Chad dropped out of school to pursue his passion for music when he was in the tenth grade.
  • When the band first started touring, they were "dead broke."
  • They shared a van and lived off of the dollar menu for eight months while they toured small bars to get their name out there.
  • Jeremy says that the fear of the band not working out actually converted into fuel to make them work hard and practice harder.
  • Chad says that he always just viewed his fear as another feeling that he could write a song about.
  • Both agree that there needs to be an element of obsession in your work if you want to succeed.

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