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Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts

“I saw my door of opportunity closing, but a teacher put his hand out and held it open for me. So to know that I could spend my life doing that for other kids became my highest calling.”


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Teaching / Mentoring


  • Awarded "National Teacher of the Year" in 2014; at age 30, he was one of the youngest winners ever.
  • Grew up with an alcoholic mother; says his home life started to affect his self-esteem, his desire to learn.
  • In eleventh grade, he had an AP English teacher who was "on fire for literature," made him want to start excelling again.
  • Suddenly, Sean was staying up late, working his hardest to impress this teacher; says that by making him feel valued, his teacher turned his life around.
  • Found he had a "gnawing discontent" with the lack of opportunities afforded to students; decided he could be the person to change that.
  • Saw kids who had a ton of potential and just needed someone to push them, so he became that person.
  • Says the teachers who left an impression on him were unique and authentic, so he puts forth an effort to be honest and open in the classroom.
  • Believes you need to find something that makes you come alive, or find something that bothers you and work to change it.

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