Sarah's Open Road


Archaeology Outreach Coordinator
Georgia Department of Natural Resources

“History reflects the successes of those that have always been in power. If we can teach people about the historic contributions that disenfranchised people have made to our own culture, then people that accept that knowledge and learn about it, will treat people better [in the future].”


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Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Born and raised in Georgia.
  • Grew up on five acres of land, so she was always outside playing and exploring the various abandoned historical houses in her community.
  • Says she always had an interest in history and knew she wanted to be an archaeologist from a young age.
  • Attended Georgia State University, where she received her bachelor's degree in archaeology and pursued concurrent master’s degrees in anthropology and historic preservation.
  • While in college, she traveled a lot and worked at various dig sites, but she struggled to find a focus within the field of archaeology: ”I felt like a bad archaeologist, nothing resonated with me."
  • She realized that her interest was in ensuring that we aren’t “doing archaeology for the sake of archaeology,” but that people are able to have access to historical resources and learn from them.
  • She decided to return to Georgia to help her community by combining her passion for social issues with the study of archaeology and historic preservation.
  • Says her favorite archaeological site in Georgia is one of the Rosenwald Schools from the 1920s, which is one of a series of schools built for African-American students in rural communities.

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