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Sang Yoon



My road in life has been direct.
His father was a newspaper publisher in South Korea and his mother ran Chanel in Paris.
As the son of two such high-powered parents, his dream of becoming a chef was not well-received.
His parents accused him of wanting to be part of "the help," a derogatory term for domestic assistance.
At school, his dreams were equally challenged: he was thrown out of culinary school because he refused to wear the paper chef's hat.
He never returned to school, and instead forged his own path, apprenticing in Europe for over two years for renowned chefs.
Eventually, he became the executive chef at the esteemed Michael's Restaurant in Santa Monica and New York.
He became complacent with his work and yearned for something different and exciting; started Father's Office, a bar and restaurant known for its craft beers.
Says going from fine dining to a bar sounds like a downgrade, but it's actually an exciting challenge that he enjoys every day.



I'm a chef and proprietor of "Father's Office" which started the gastropub movement in Los Angeles.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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