Rodney's Open Road


Professional Skateboarder
Almost Skateboards

“Love the simple things; don't expect to be put in a special position.”


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Being Physically Active


  • Grew up in a small town with a strict father who didn't like the idea of his son taking up skateboarding.
  • He kept begging and begging for a skateboard until finally he got one for Christmas, but his dad told him, "if you get hurt, you quit."
  • After he wiped out for the first time, his dad asked why he was crying, and Rodney replied, "I don't want you to make me quit."
  • Because of that tenacity, his father realized that his son had found his passion, and after that, he encouraged his skating.
  • Professional skateboarding seemed unattainable from his small hometown, so he went to the University of Florida to study biomedical engineering.
  • However, his love of skateboarding kept pulling him away from his studies, and eventually, it became a full-time gig.
  • Since then, he's been skating for over 20 years, and he's credited with inventing just about every trick in the book, including the heelflip and kickflip.
  • Says his "world champion" title almost drove him crazy; he never wanted to have fame or fortune-he just wants to skate and be at peace.

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