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Senior Scientist
Bayer MaterialScience

“Change is inevitable and change is not always bad; and we have to learn to be accepting of that and try to manage it the best way we can within our realm of control.”


Medicine Science


Choices Exploration Money & Financial Security Pressure Self-Reflection Acceptance Failure Perseverance


Accomplishing Goals


  • She always thought that she'd be a doctor-if you were a good student, that was just the natural path you took.
  • But when it came time for her to choose a major, she realized her family wouldn't be able to support her through years of medical school.
  • Luckily, she'd concluded that medicine wasn't the field for her, anyways, which was a relief.
  • Her curiosity about her surroundings and the natural world led her into the chemistry field.
  • She wanted to be able to support herself, so she worked part-time in a hospital chemistry lab while she was still in school.
  • The job gave her the opportunity to apply the skills she was learning in school to real-world situations; this helped underscore her interest in chemistry.
  • She always tries to keep an open mind about inevitable failures: learn, improve, and try not to make the same mistake again.
  • Actively practicing self-assessment kept her focused on her end goal, bul also helped her shift her trajectory if something didn't work out.

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