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My road in life has been direct.
Spent six years getting a degree in forestry, but once he started working in the field, he realized he hated it.
While he was in college, he took a trip to Washington and attempted to climb Mt. Rainier; after that, he was completely hooked on mountain climbing.
He moved to Washington and took a job planting trees so he could climb mountains on the weekend.
After a year, he was experienced enough to guide mountain climbs to places like Mt. McKinley.
On one of his guided climbs, his client offered him a job developing fly-fishing gear at Gore-Tex; he worked there for ten years.
The job took him all over the world on an expense account; he was eating good food, drinking good wine, and meeting winemakers across the country.
After the Gore-Tex job came to its natural end, he decided his next endeavor would be winemaking.
Years earlier, he’d bought a piece of land for rock climbing; it’s now the Boudreaux Cellars vineyard and winery.
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Wine making makes use of all my talents: science, invention, process, blending, cooking, tasting, music, and joking.

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My work combines:
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