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“Find your passion, because that's what you are going to be best at, and that's what's going to make you kick the covers off in the morning. ”


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Being Creative


  • Says that growing up as one of seven children, it took him a while to find his own unique self-identity.
  • He went to a local college for two years, where he kind of just floated around, tried to find what he liked, what felt right.
  • Started volunteering in the kitchen at a nursing home and he knew that he'd found his passion.
  • Enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America; says that moving away inspired him to make a clean break and reinvent himself.
  • That reinvention started on his very first day of classes; despite his crippling fear of public speaking, he stepped up as a group leader.
  • After school, he stuck around to work at the Institute's restaurant, which is where he really started pushing himself to be a better chef.
  • Says that the pressure and excitement of the hectic kitchen environment has always felt like home.
  • Tells road-trippers they'll be "fine" doing anything, but if they decide to pursue their passions, that's when they'll truly succeed.

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