Rebecca Park

Rebecca Park

Sr. Integration Engineer


San Jose, CA USA

It’s okay to take your time. You don’t have to find your passion right away.


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Rebecca Park


My road in life has been direct.
I was born in Los Angeles, California, moved to Korea when I was in third grade, and then came back to the U.S. in high school.
I didn’t learn what engineering was until I was in college but the field was interesting to me so I decided to pursue it.
I earned my bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University.
Throughout my undergraduate studies, I had really great research experiences, which influenced me to apply to graduate school.
I continued on to earn a master’s degree and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.
I applied for a position with Samsung because I felt like it was a good middle ground between what I had been working on and what I could expand my knowledge on.
I’m currently working as a senior integration engineer for Samsung’s research and development department.
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Sr. Integration Engineer

I work in research and development for next generation devices.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Problem Solving


The Noise I Shed

From Teachers:

"I prefer to work with Ph.D. students, not master's degree students. I won't work with you."

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