Ray Suarez

Ray Suarez

Senior Correspondent

The Newshour With Jim Lehrer

Washington, DC USA

I made a life's choice-or a set of life's choices-based on what I thought I could be good at, what I could succeed at, and what I liked.


By Roadtrip Nation

Ray Suarez


My road in life has been direct.
He decided that he wanted to be in the news business when he was in high school.
Thought that journalists were always "where the important things were happening," so he decided to set his sights on reporting.
His interests were politics and traveling, and he recognized that by doing news, he could combine those two things.
Says the problem with sticking with the dreams of your 19-year-old self is that they were formed with your limited 19-year-old knowledge.
Once you learn more about how the world works, you might shed some aspects of your original dream-and that's totally normal.
Says the best thing about his job is that he's always doing something new; he knows he couldn't do the same job year after year.
Tells road-trippers "don't become a slave to your plans; plans should only be written in erasable soft lead pencil, or in sand."
Says that when he started out, he looked down on television news, yet here he is, working on a public access news program that he loves.
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Senior Correspondent

I'm a broadcast journalist and news correspondent covering international news, politics, and Latino issues in the US.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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