Raul's Open Road


Emergency Physician
Eisenhower Medical Center

“No one gives us the answers-the answers are within us. Those answers lie within the drive, motivation, and fire that we all have.”


Medicine Science


Success Values Beliefs & Faith Community Dedication Education Hard Work Culture Experience Determination Pressure Family Inspiration Societal Pressures Passion Transitions


Helping People


  • The son of farmworkers from an impoverished community, he grew up dreaming he'd one day make a difference in his community.
  • Even though his parents hadn't graduated from high school, he knew he had to go to college; says "education is the antidote for poverty."
  • His father couldn't afford to pay for his tuition, so he put on the only suit that he owned and went door-to-door looking for donations.
  • The community really responded to his promise to return home and start giving back after college, so they funded his schooling.
  • While he was in his pre-med program at UCLA, his counselor told him he should apply to Harvard Medical School; he'd never heard of it.
  • He moved across the country, and transitioned from the Palm Desert heat he'd grown up with, to Boston's harsh winters.
  • When he came back home to Palm Desert, he had three graduate degrees from Harvard; he'd kept his promise to his community.
  • Says his personal definition of success is dedicating his life to making the world a little better.

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