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“Start with character and everything else will follow.”


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Being Creative


  • Always wanted to do film animation; gravitated towards Disney animation, especially the film Cinderella.
  • One of his favorite toys was a hand-crank projector-he'd look at films frame by frame to better understand the process.
  • Heard about CalArts' animation major when he was in sixth grade and says "that was it," locked in on that goal.
  • Worked for a variety of studios before being hired by Pixar; one of his first Pixar projects was art directing Toy Story.
  • Views each different film as its own "graduate course," he puts about four years worth of research and work into one subject.
  • Some of his "research" is unconventional-hung out in trash dumps, on cruise ships for Wall-E.
  • Says that the reward for all of the weird work he puts into a movie is seeing an audience's reaction, hearing what people think.
  • Urges students to find an interest, then find out as much as they can about it; simultaneously try to experience as much of the world as possible.

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