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City of Chicago

“You've gotta have something that makes you get up before the alarm gets you up. You've gotta find something that keeps you up that extra hour every night because it's a passion.”


Government Politics


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Accomplishing Goals


  • He was a dancer when he was young; he got a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet and almost took it.
  • Realized that ballet was his mother's dream for him; it wasn't his own personal passion.
  • His driving goal was to get to the White House and work for a president he believed in-accomplished that as President Clinton's senior advisor.
  • While he was working in the White House, he started to feel himself pulled towards running for office.
  • Realized he didn't want to look back and say "woulda, coulda, shoulda," so he left his high-powered position to run for mayor of Chicago.
  • Says that improving the education system in Chicago was the core passion behind his run for office.
  • Told everyone that worked in the White House, "This is special, so if you pull up to these gates and don't feel a tingle, turn in your badge and get out."
  • Used that metaphor to signify that if you don't have a passion for whatever it is you're doing, you always have time to move on to something else.

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