Paula's Open Road


    Team Full Circle


Director of Husbandry
Dallas World Aquarium

“Align yourself with the positive influences in your life that bring you up instead of tearing you down. When you do, you'll be surprised at the capacity of the people in your life to help you achieve your dreams.”


Environment & Nature Science


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Accomplishing Goals


  • First seeds of Paula Carson's future aquarium career were first planted in her eight-year-old brain while watching Saturday morning TV.
  • When she saw Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso embarking on underwater adventures, she thought, "I want to do that."
  • She got a pet fish and started reading everything she could on fish, rocks, and anything ocean-related.
  • In high school, Paula and her mother studied the Texas A&M course catalog to make sure she was on the right track for marine biology.
  • All the while, she'd never even seen the ocean in person, yet she was absolutely sure that this was what she wanted to do.
  • Says that looking back, she's surprised that she kept going, considering how many detractors she encountered.
  • People told her she'd never find a job and she wouldn't be able to have a family, but she tuned out negativity in favor of constructive advice.
  • Says be willing to let your dreams evolve-never thought she'd be working in a rainforest environment, but wouldn't change it for the world.

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