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  • Currently serving as curator for the National Security Agency’s National Cryptologic Museum, and is only the third curator in the museum’s history.
  • His goal as curator is to give museum visitors a wider understanding of cryptology, as well as an appreciation for the NSA’s mission.
  • Prior to being named curator of the museum, he worked in the NSA for over 20 years, holding jobs as a special agent and an intelligence research analyst, among others.
  • Although the NSA was formed in 1954, he likes to point out that cryptology has been around since the beginning of time, and has shaped a surprisingly large amount of our history.
  • One of his favorite things about cryptology is that it requires a balance of technical and artistic skills—and he believes everyone should seek out that kind of balanced education.
  • Says that although we’re all well aware of the risks that new technologies present, history shows that we’ll continue to push the science forward.
  • He personally doesn’t have a cell phone, but he’s aware that eschewing new technology isn’t a feasible solution for everyone.
  • Instead, he says we must channel any good defensive team by staying agile, adjusting to new threats, and never wearing down in the face of a challenge.

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