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Software Technologist
Google.Org & UC Berkeley

“Take a deep breath and tell your feet to move, and your feet will move.”


Education Technology


Failure Instincts Risk Struggle Experience Passion Transitions Confidence Courage Character Community Culture Education Focus Fear Self-Reflection Choices


Accomplishing Goals


  • Currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Berkeley; studies human cognition-how people reason and learn.
  • Grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where they never had a constant power supply.
  • Because there was no power, she didn't spend time watching TV, and she had to "invent" her play-that forces you into "maker mode."
  • Always liked studying how people learn; believes the best way to educate people is by teaching them how to educate themselves.
  • Says it took her a while to jump into one thing-"it was like when you go to the beach and you put your little toe in," but now she's "fully immersed."
  • Huge Star Wars fan; says she honestly chose UC Berkeley so she could be closer to Skywalker Ranch.
  • When she was younger, she chickened out of going to a huge conference where she could've met some of her film and computer graphics heroes.
  • After that, she started taking baby steps-speaking at a computer education day, going to small conferences-and now major engagements don't intimidate her.

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