Nick's Open Road


    Team BNE


Graduate Student
MIT Personal Robots Group

“If you're still thinking about [something] in the shower…that's when you love it.”


Science Technology


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Building Things


  • His love for computers and programming started with video games.
  • First, he'd hack his computer to get the most out of his games.
  • From there, he started physically taking clocks and computers apart and rebuilding them.
  • He originally had a computer science degree that focused on special effects, but for his master's, he chose a specialization in robotics.
  • Now, as he's pursuing his Ph.D., he's part of MIT's Personal Robots Group, that focuses on human/robot interaction.
  • Time magazine named his lab's creation-Nexi, a robot that can display human emotion-one of the best inventions of 2008.
  • Says you know you love something if you're still thinking about it in the shower.
  • Says, unfortunately, part of becoming a professional means building a professional persona, but you can maintain your identity in outlets outside of work.

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