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Executive Director
Imagination Foundation

“You don't really say, 'I am now learning.' You're experiencing stuff, and along the way, you're reflecting on it, and then you're learning.”


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  • Realized there was a disconnect between schooling and learning; thought if he had his own school, he could reattach the two.
  • Studied literature at Reed College because he liked big ideas, and he found those ideas in the books he was reading.
  • Wanted to find a profession where he could share his ideas and learn from others' beliefs.
  • Got his first job as a substitute high school English teacher at the age of 22.
  • On his first day, he went into the teacher's lounge with huge expectations, but realized that all of the teachers were just sitting around, angry.
  • Felt a sense of squandered potential; realized he needed to get out of that demoralizing environment, but continue working with kids.
  • The Imagination Foundation is a nonprofit that partners with schools and camps to help kids learn through play.
  • Says he's continually learning from the children he works with, and is constantly impressed with their intuition and willingness to learn.

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