Mike's Open Road


    Original Roadtrip


VP of Programming
Cartoon Network

“There's a thousand roads through life, but there's generally only a couple of right ones.”


Entrepreneurship Television


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Being Creative


  • His parents expected him to go to business school, or follow his father into the textile industry.
  • Neither of those things interested him, so he dropped out of high school and took a series of odd jobs, none of which were very gratifying.
  • He supported himself so that he could pursue his true hobby: watching television at night.
  • Slowly realized that he was more knowledgeable and opinionated about television than most other people were.
  • Started to cold call people out of the phonebook to figure out how he could break into the TV industry.
  • He took a massive pay-cut to deliver mail at a television network; said he could've "dug holes" as long as a TV screen was nearby.
  • Now serves as the vice president of programming for Cartoon Network.
  • Tells road-trippers to "be a movement, be a revolutionary, and turn over the apple cart…a lot."

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