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Founder/Creative Director
Jager Dipaola Kemp

“Just follow what you love, which is maybe a cliche answer but I think that's truly it. Not a lot of people have the backbone to do that.”


Design Entrepreneurship


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Being Creative


  • Realized early on that he wasn't good at math, so he decided to focus on the arts.
  • Largely inspired by the punk movement; his first date with his future wife was a The Clash concert.
  • His father worked in a factory and his mom was a beautician, so he says they didn't really "get" his choosing not to have a set career path.
  • Started Jager Di Paola Kemp design firm with his wife and another partner; got their big break designing campaigns for Burton Snowboards.
  • Says his collaboration with Burton is a "once in a lifetime deal"; still stunned he gets to work with a company that "invented a culture."
  • Believes that once you decide what you want to do, you have to proudly wear your work on your sleeve.
  • Once you show confidence and belief in what you're doing, others will start to rally around you.
  • Says that if you talk to any successful person, they have self-confidence and a unique point of view, not just a "milquetoast existence."

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