Liz's Open Road


Georgia Aquarium

“Don’t let your job take over your life, but if you don’t care [about your job] you won’t get ahead.”


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Hard Work Transitions Character Perseverance Support & Encouragement Negativity Passion Fulfillment Focus Struggle


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Attended Georgia State University (GSU) during her sophomore and junior years, but admits she changed her major several times because she had no idea what she wanted to do.
  • She moved to Colorado for a year to figure it out—discovered her love of writing and communications after taking a film class.
  • Says Colorado’s party atmosphere was a distraction, so she moved back to Georgia to buckle down and finish school; she graduated from GSU with her degree in communications.
  • During her last quarter at GSU, she learned to dive, which became a lifelong hobby.
  • In 1982, two weeks after graduating, she got hired at the newly formed news network, CNN—they trained her how to be a video journalist, editor, and producer.
  • Worked for CNN for over 25 years, rising in the ranks to become the senior supervising producer in charge of the newsroom.
  • After leaving CNN, she wanted something different to do, so she took her diving experience and began volunteering at the Georgia Aquarium cleaning exhibits.
  • She later received her Divemaster certification and was hired full time by the aquarium.

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