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“One of the virtues I like best is courage, and I don't feel like it's valued anymore. I'd rather fail and do what I think is right for me than not do anything.”


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  • Was a French major at Rutgers University, but realized there wasn't much she could do with that degree.
  • Graduated in 1992, during a recession, so she went to law school to put off entering the workforce.
  • Says that while her experience in law school and at law firms wasn't all bad, she entered too much debt and never felt truly happy on that path.
  • Started going to yoga with one of her coworkers and before long, it became a passion-she was going five times a week.
  • Offhand, a friend suggested that she start her own yoga studio, and she seized upon that idea.
  • For the first few months, the studio was really struggling; they felt lucky to get four students in a class.
  • After four years, her yoga studio has hit hard times, but she says even if they had to shut down, she wouldn't regret the endeavor.
  • She's heard people talk about the dreams they never pursued, so she hopes her unconventional choices inspire others to go after their dreams.

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