Lindsay's Open Road


Lead Solutions Developer / Founder
Salesforce / Girl Develop It Indianapolis

“That’s the good thing about college—it’s temporary. So try things and see what you like.”


Technology Non-Profit Organizations


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Learning / Being Challenged


  • Born and raised in Indiana.
  • When deciding where to go to college, she was limited to picking from in-state schools in Indiana due to financial concerns—she was initially worried this would impact her opportunities.
  • Growing up, she loved art and design, but had no idea how to make a career out of those interests—she decided to pursue a generic technology major where she could gain a variety of skills.
  • Graduated from Purdue University with her degree in computer graphics technology.
  • She faced the dilemma that many people in Indiana face about whether or not to stay—says she saw the many opportunities to innovate in the tech field here that aren’t available in other cities.
  • Early in her career, she was interested in pursuing graphic design, but decided to teach herself how to do software development in order to advance in the tech field.
  • In making this switch, she began to notice the lack of community and support for women in tech and how her transition into web development was largely facilitated by the great mentors she had.
  • In order to provide this community to other women in tech, she founded the Indianapolis chapter of Girl Develop It, a nonprofit offering women opportunities to learn web and software development.

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