Layne's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Professional Surfer

“It's not so much what you do; it's just how well you do it, and that you do, do it.”


Action Sports Non-Profit Organizations


Success Dedication Experience Regrets Talent


Being Physically Active


  • Started surfing when she was four years old; says because she grew up with her dad and her brother, she was very strong-willed.
  • Originally wanted to be a stockbroker; did her work experience in school on the trading floors in Australia and realized it wasn't for her.
  • Knew she wanted to be the best in the world at something, so she took up every sport she could.
  • After she won her first regional surfing championship, she decided to drop all the other sports and focus on surfing.
  • Says you find your true passions when you push yourself to extremes.
  • Once she won her first world championship, she locked in and won five more in succession.
  • Says that there was stress and adversities she had to overcome to set that record, but achieving her goals made up for everything.
  • Doesn't believe in "mistakes," says they're only learning experiences; the only "real mistake" is failing to learn from your setbacks.

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