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Executive Director

“The multiplicity of experiences that you have will make you unique for exactly something that you should-and want to-do.”


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Helping People


  • Studied medicine at the University of Michigan, was trained in preventive medicine and public health.
  • Says his background in biology helped him understand computer networks and his knowledge of epidemics helped him understand business.
  • Went to San Francisco during the Summer of Love, ended up working as a doctor for bands like the Grateful Dead.
  • Moved to India and studied under a guru; spent years meditating and reading texts from all different religions.
  • One day, his guru told him, "it's your destiny to help eradicate smallpox; you need to leave the monastery and go work for the U.N."
  • By chance, he met the head of the smallpox eradication program; he joined and spent five years on the team; in 1980, smallpox was eradicated.
  • Says there's no way he could've planned out his path, but the key to his success was being open to, and prepared for, new experiences.
  • Says you should never regret anything that you do-all of your experiences are investments, and all of those investments will pay dividends.

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