Kyle's Open Road


    Team Poor, Lazy Overachievers


MMA Fighter/Wrestler/Owner
No Excuses

“Find what that barrier is, and find a way to work around it.”


Entrepreneurship Sports


Family Hard Work Passion Perseverance Struggle Inspiration Fear Negativity Self-Reflection


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Says he's in the same boat as the road-trippers-he's 23 and still trying to find his road.
  • When he was wrestling in middle school and high school, he kept getting his "butt kicked."
  • His dad told him that he hadn't won a single first-year match either, convinced him to keep at it; later found out his dad had just lied to motivate him.
  • Says his parents always taught him that he should find a way to persevere and keep at the things that mattered most.
  • His biggest problem with the education system is that "it prepares you to be an employee," rather than nurturing unique dreams and interests.
  • Says that there are ways around working for someone, encourages young people to build their own businesses around the things they love.
  • Opened No Excuses Crossfit Gym, an athletic facility with a focus on building a community of athletes.
  • Says if he could go back and change the way he was born, he wouldn't-his disability has actually enabled him to make a huge impact.

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