Kimberly's Open Road


Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

“The people who are the best at what they do are authentic. They are who they are; they don’t try to be something else...Be true to what you believe.”


Law Government


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Helping People


  • Growing up she had been heavily involved in church and thought about becoming a minister—ultimately decided that it wasn’t the right fit for her.
  • Attended George Mason University where she majored in communication and public relations.
  • Says her interest in the psychology of serial killers is what initially interested her in pursuing a career with the FBI, but she admits that it “seemed like a lofty goal.”
  • Briefly explored career paths in psychology and education before she decided to fully pursue her interest criminology.
  • Got an opportunity to intern with the FBI the summer before her senior year of college.
  • After graduating, she became an Intelligence Analyst where she was assigned to the Transnational Organized Crime Unit where she worked on matters pertaining to cartel drug trafficking.
  • To gain a competitive edge, she went back to school and got her master’s degree in biological defense, which focused on government policy in regards to weapons of mass destruction.
  • She is now a Special Agent with the FBI in Houston, Texas working on a law enforcement corruption squad.

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