Kevin's Open Road


Senior Research Technician
Dow AgroSciences

“I took a different route to get here because I was unsure. Unexpectedly, a part-time job ended up becoming a career I loved.”


Environment & Nature Science


Education Transitions Experience


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Grew up in Mount Vernon, IN.
  • Says growing up in the country, playing outside all the time, and tending to the family garden were all factors that sparked his interest in agricultural work.
  • At 16, he got his first job working out in the fields at the Dow AgroSciences seed station in Mount Vernon.
  • It was so hot and he got so exhausted his first day on the job that he seriously doubted he wanted to continue—his mother had to convince him to stick it out and he’s been working there ever since.
  • After that first season, the seed station hired him on part-time, and he worked there throughout high school and college after school in hand harvesting and packaging.
  • Attended the University of Southern Indiana where he got his degree in business administration and was able to stay close to home.
  • Admits that, at the time, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in the agricultural industry, so he chose his business administration major as a way of giving himself an out just in case.
  • Eventually, he realized that he really did love working in the agricultural industry, so he returned to Dow AgroSciences after college and was hired on full-time as the Senior Research Technician.

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