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The Katalyst

“You have to be willing to put your dream out on the street.”


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Being Creative


  • His parents abandoned him as a child; he says sports gave him courage, taught him how to deal with disappointment.
  • Dreamed of becoming a professional athlete but blew out his knee and had to have two major surgeries.
  • While rehabbing his injury, he developed an interest in sports medicine; became a sports trainer, was eventually hired by the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Because of his unique outlooks and his sports background, he was tapped by Nike to be their "creative change agent," a position he termed "the Katalyst."
  • Says that there's an assimilation that happens when you go to college: you start to mirror those around you.
  • Believes that you only know the environment around you-that's what you mirror, so you have to consciously expand your circle of influence.
  • Says colleges will tell you to search for a career, when really, you should be searching for your joy.
  • Believes the purest form of joy comes from a red rubber ball; says the best time to develop your dreams is when you're in play.

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