Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll

The Katalyst


Portland, OR USA

You have to be willing to put your dream out on the street.


By Roadtrip Nation

Kevin Carroll


My road in life has been direct.
His parents abandoned him as a child; he says sports gave him courage, taught him how to deal with disappointment.
Dreamed of becoming a professional athlete but blew out his knee and had to have two major surgeries.
While rehabbing his injury, he developed an interest in sports medicine; became a sports trainer, was eventually hired by the Philadelphia 76ers.
Because of his unique outlooks and his sports background, he was tapped by Nike to be their "creative change agent," a position he termed "the Katalyst."
Says that there's an assimilation that happens when you go to college: you start to mirror those around you.
Believes that you only know the environment around you-that's what you mirror, so you have to consciously expand your circle of influence.
Says colleges will tell you to search for a career, when really, you should be searching for your joy.
Believes the purest form of joy comes from a red rubber ball; says the best time to develop your dreams is when you're in play.
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The Katalyst

I'm a speaker, author, and dedicated advocate in the Sport for Social Change movement.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Being Creative

Day to Day

On a daily basis, I am helping the company develop a deeper understanding of athletic product performance, team dynamics, and interpersonal communication. My bottom line is to add value to the overall mission of the brand.


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